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The Need

Africa’s destiny is dependent on education, yet the vast majority of its young people can only access
a dysfunctional, broken system

It’s unfathomable

That 17 million of the continent’s 128 million school-aged children will never attend school, and more than a third of those who start primary school will fail to reach the final grade.

Perhaps even more shocking

Is the fact that another 37 million African children will learn so little while in they are in school that they will be little better off than those who never attend.

Educational outcomes are bad

In seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa, 40 percent or more of children do not meet a minimum standard of learning by grades 4 or 5. In countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zambia, over half of pupils are not learning basic skills by the end of primary school. Approximately 40% of Africans over the age of 15 are illiterate.

Teacher quality and motivation is poor

Teachers are often absent (18 percent in Senegal, 60 percent in Zambia); neglectful (when present at school, teachers are only in class teaching for about a quarter of the time) and poorly trained (only 11 percent of teachers in Tanzania have a working knowledge of language).

Quite simply, Africa’s schools aren’t good enough. We’re on a mission to improve them, and ensure that every child in every country has access to a high quality, affordable education

What We Do

We are establishing a chain of high quality low cost private schools across sub-Saharan Africa
with three distinctive features:

Child Centred

A holistic approach, promoting academic excellence whilst educating the whole child


Bringing together a family of schools to support each other in the classroom and create operational efficiencies


Enabling African schools to lead and leapfrog into the forthcoming education technology revolution

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